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October 28, 2009


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The fics will be ordered by pairing. (Fics that I really love will be marked with an :+favlove: )
Fics by members of this club will have a :devart: in front of the title.

LATEST UPDATE: October 28, 2009
3 ItaSasu

LAST UPDATE: May 21, 2008
9 SasuNaru

Kakashi X Sasuke | Naruto X Sasuke | Sasuke X Naruto | Kyuubii X Sasuke | Itachi X Sasuke | Orochimaru X Sasuke | Neji X Sasuke | Threesomes | Orgies | Multiple Partners

:bulletpurple: KAKASHI X SASUKE

:+favlove: Laundry - COMPLETED
Author: gelfling8604 (LiveJournal)
Summary: Pretend Sasuke never made it to Orochimaru's, and was instead caught and put in Kakashi's overly-sensible and not very sympathetic charge. Kakashi hadn’t been thrilled, but there was very, very little that thrilled Kakashi.
Warnings: NC-17, light humor, complete lack of Naruto Uzumaki.

Aesthetic Pleasantry - COMPLETED
Author: Odyssion (
Summary: He never knew one little bruise in the wrong place could cause such havoc.
Warnings: Implied sex.

:devart: Not Polite To Stare - COMPLETED
Author: petite-neko
Summary: Sasuke keeps having restless dreams and wanders over to Kakashi's house, and keeps staring at things.
Warnings: -

:devart: Why Sasuke Has Short Hair
Author: petite-neko
Summary: -
Warnings: -

:bulletred: NARUTO X SASUKE

:devart: Swift Gentle Breeze - COMPLETED
Author: xCalee (DeviantArt)
Summary:  A Short ONe-shot Naruto Fanfic about the point where Sasuke covers Naruto without a second thought when Haku strikes with his needles.
Warnings: -

:+favlove: Avoiding the Issue - COMPLETED
Author: Sadie Dragonfire (
Summary:  In which Sasuke has issues and no one else is surprised. Except maybe Naruto.
Warnings: contains YAOI and implied SEX.

Chasing Naruto - COMPLETED
Author: AkaiTsume (Adult FanFiction)
Summary:  Sasuke doesn't want to come to terms with his feelings, but when rivals show up, he has to take things into his own hands...
Warnings: AU.

Author: AkaiTsume (Adult FanFiction)
Summary:  Inspired by Hey Arnold! When a drugged confession is caught on tape, an Uchiha has to retrieve it before a certain blonde finds out.
Warnings: Yaoi.

Author: Potemkin (Adult FanFiction)
Summary:  Sasuke ambushes Naruto. Yumminess ensues.
Warnings: M/M,Lemon,Yaoi,Anal,Oral,PWP.

Absorbing the Demon
Author: Sunstrike (
Summary:  Growing pains are hard to deal with...especially when the pains fight back.

:+favlove: That Night, in the Hotel Room - COMPLETED
Author: Sadie Dragonfire (
Summary:  In which Naruto sucks at hiding and Sasuke just wants to beat him senseless. Oh, and people want to kill them.
Warnings: NaruSasu kissing, overused plot cliché.

Yellow Strings - COMPLETED
Author: Sadie Dragonfire (
Summary: Naruto and Sasuke compare their needle-point skills.
Warnings: Mild shonen-ai.

:+favlove: Walking Corpse - COMPLETED.
Author: suomynonakun (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: Ten years ago Naruto died in the fight against Orochimaru. At least...that's what everyone was told.

:+favlove: Conviction
Author: Questofdreams (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: NaruSasu, SasuNaru. Convictions are what guide a ninja. But even those can fade. Where. then, does the stability lie?

Spiral Falling - COMPLETED
Author: BeccaAmon (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: Finding companionship and maybe more from your most hated rival. Falling willingly with arms wide open.
Warnings: AU.

:devart: Desert Storm
Authors: LaMirage and Psylocke83 (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: Gaara is the young Pharaoh of Suna that is threatened to be invaded by Orochimaru who wants to claim the kingdom as his own...
Warnings: Angst, Language, Yaoi, M/M/M, D/s, Non-con.
Other Pairings: GaaNaru, GaaSasu n/c.

:devart: Patience - COMPLETED
Author: Psylocke83 (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: Sasuke has no patience when it comes to sex; he just wants to satisfy his needs and get it over with as soon as possible, but Naruto wants to teach his team-mate that sex can be better with a little erotic teasing…
Warnings: PWP, Toys.

:devart: Why Not - Completed?
Author: CyberSalsa (
Summary: Naruto asks Sasuke a question, and brings up past history. Sasuke thinks Naruto is being stupid, but the blonde brings up an interesting point that leads to an even more interesting result.
Warnings: -

:devart: Must Sleep - COMPLETED
Author: CyberSalsa (
Summary: Sasuke's trying to enjoy a good nights sleep, but Naruto is making that difficult. And all because Sasuke doesn't like it when Naruto makes him wet. It's cute and fluffy.
Warnings: -

:devart: Mask - COMPLETED
Author: Victorina (DevArt)
Summary: .................
Warnings: Mature

:devart: Saved by an Angel - COMPLETED
Author: Victorina (DevArt)
Summary: .................
Warnings: ....

:devart: Lie To Me - COMPLETED
Author: Victorina (DevArt)
Summary: .................
Warnings: ....

:+favlove: Talk To Me
Author: Rasengan22 (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: Sasuke gets back at his brother by calling a 900 number and charging it to him. He meets Naruto in the process. Funny thing is, they have lots in common.
Warnings: Phonesex. Masturbation. Language.

Author: Adi (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: Naruto attempts to attract the attention of the new TA.
Warnings: AU.

Binding Ties - COMPLETED
Author: Adi (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: Sasuke needs a little distraction at a party to celebrate the retirement of Sasuke's father and Sasuke inheriting the Uchiha company.
Warnings: AU, PWP.

Riding the Tube - COMPLETED
Author: Adi (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: When traveling by public transport has it’s advantages.
Warnings: AU, PWP.

Riding the Elevator - COMPLETED
Author: Adi (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: While on a visit to Jiriaya in the hospital some relationship issues are addressed.
Warnings: AU, PWP.

Unrequited Bliss
Author: Adi (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: Love isn't perfect, but it still draws them together and binds.
Warnings: AU/AR, Angst, PWP.

The Id and the Super-ego
Author: Adi (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: The Uchihas can’t understand why Sasuke rejects marriage proposals, so naturally they send him to get a little therapy.
Warnings: AU, PWP.

:bulletblue: SASUKE X NARUTO
Author: Arora (Adult FanFiction)
Summary:  Beaten, raped and left for dead Naruto has only one choice to live. Let Kyuubi out. Can Sasuke save Naruto from his demons?
Warnings: NC-17, violence, blood, guts, gore, rape(yaoi) and drugs.
Other Pairings: Original CharactersXNaruto non-con, KyuubiXSasuke non-con, OrochimaruXNaruto non-con.

Author: Kata-chan (Site archive)
Summary: Err.. plot, what plot? There's absolutely nothing else to say. Sasuke stares, Naruto freaks out, they have sex, etc.
Warnings: NC-17; PWP, smut, fluff.

:devart: A Shadow on the Wall | 2 | 3 | 4 - COMPLETED
Author: xCalee (DeviantArt)
Summary:  -
Warnings: blood, etc.
Other Pairings: slight NaruKaka?

:+favlove: Attraction
Author: Gelfling (
Summary:  Naruto embraces his demonic roots, and Sasuke's his 1 enemy and dream. Follow the links in each chapter to gelfling's LiveJournal entries to read uncensored versions of the story.
Warnings: Blood, DARK, angst, lime, non-fluff introspective. And a bag of chips. Push something too hard, and it will break or bite back.
Other Pairings: NaruGaara, slight KakaSasu.

Author: The Ambitious Blank (
Summary:  Naruto and Sasuke are chained together, to "improve team morale". Of course, nothing good can come of it..
Warnings: -

Just Another Day in Paradise - COMPLETED
Author: Arora (Adult FanFiction)
Summary:  AU. High School, Some people have everything, some have nothing. some are just trying to survive. Sasu/naru shonen-ai for now.
Other Pairings: OthersXNaruto non-con.

Research - COMPLETED
Author: Sadie Dragonfire (
Summary:  A little research goes a long way, especially when it's the wrong kind.
Warnings: Implied sex and silly humor.

:+favlove: :+favlove: :+favlove: I Fell in Love with a Boy
Author: OO83 (
Summary:  Love is tough in high school, but it's downright impossible when you're a boy in love with another boy.
Warnings: AU, yaoi.

If for Honor and Glory
Author: OO83 (
Summary:  Konoha has been at war for ten years, and it seems that their last hope lies with a select group of children, most notably, Sasuke and Naruto. At least, they would be, if they don't kill each other first.
Warnings: AU, yaoi.

It's Wrong - COMPLETED
Author: KateL (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: "You are always beautiful, but it's when you are shattered and miserable that I love you most." (SasuNaru / NaruSasu)
Warnings: Yaoi, BDSM.

:devart: Scaredycat - COMPLETED
Author: stefy-coool (
Summary: Does you road go no place?Does it go some place where you can’t see?If you follow it anyway…It might just lead you here to me. they're both scaredycat aren't they?
Warnings: yaoi and it's in the second test of chounin exam.

It's a Nanny's Job
Author: Zenriek (
Summary: When Sasuke’s wife divorces him, and leaves him their children, it’s up to him to get a nanny. But nobody is right for the job. Except for this blonde, who refuses to leave his property until he gets the job.
Warnings: -

:devart: Photomanipulation | 2 | 3
Author: FullMetalNinja (DeviantArt)
Summary: The top model. The new photographer. What do you do when your client and you start to get close? Will your jobs be affected like everyone says? Time to find out.
Warnings: yaoi, AU, crossdressing.

Reflected Scars
Author: JadeTiger (
Summary: Naruto is finding himself bruised and cut after horrifying nightmares. After a while he can’t determine if it’s his dreams, or memories from the Nine Tails.

:devart: Naruto's Diary
Author: spinelquartz (
Summary: Sasuke cleans Naruto's Room to find Naruto's treasured diary. Of course he read it...
Warnings: Shounen-Ai, Sasuke's POV.

:devart: KMTA
Author: Aiky (
Summary: Konoha's Musical thater and arts is proud to hold these well perfect students. But Sasuke is hardly perfect...especially since he is thought to be gay on the first day.

Manazashi wa Eien ni
Author: Shirohare (
Summary: Naruto disguises himself for a dangerous mission. What would he do when Sasuke falls in love with his disguised self?

The 13th Hour
Author: Aekwiel (
Summary: First Narutovampire fanfic ever! Naruto spends a week alone in a creepy old castle to capture paranormal footage. Although he's not as alone as he thinks he is...
Warnings: Romance, AU, Suspense, SuperNatural

Shinjite, Believe
Author: SpoonNinja (
Summary: Sasuke realizes how much he’s starting to love Naruto and he’ll do anything for him, even settle for a bit of experimenting here and there. But Naruto doesn't think it's possible for anyone to love him. What'll happen next?

Author: AmuseMe (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: A weird story of which ninja can conquer who and make the other kneel first.
Warnings: (onesided) M/M, Solo, Voy, Humiliation, more or less NC, an angsty weak Naruto and an uber-asshole Sasuke. General OOC-ness all around (but hey, that's fanfiction for you).
Other Pairings: NaruSasu, Kyuubi/Naru.

:devart: Roommates
Author: r3b3lliousr3b3l (
Summary: Take one broody Sasuke, one hyperactive Naruto, shove them in a University dorm room together, and what do you get? Absolute chaos.
Warnings: Swearing, Self mutilation, Death, OOCness (Sort of, apparently not too many people thought so), AU.
Other Pairings: KakaIru, GenRai, KibaHina.

:devart: Pyromaniac
Author: r3b3lliousr3b3l (
Summary: Itachi is an arsonist, burning down buildings left, right and center just for one thing: to kill Sasuke. Sasuke has no choice but to try and stop him, but will he risk losing more people to his brother? AU, Naruto characters as firefighters!
Warnings: Death, Swearing, Probably mental and physical torture to come.
Other Pairings: KakaIru, GenRai, eventual KibaHina.

The Top Floor
Author: mirandler43 (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: Sasuke is sent to a metal hospital for treatment for his special condition. If the doctors and tests dont kill him, his fellow patients might. Excpet for a certain blonde haired boy...
Warnings: -
Other Pairings: Slight NejiShika.

:devart: My Little Fox - COMPLETED
Author: Cruel-Alchemist (
Summary: It's Naruto's birthday, but it's also the anniversary of Yondaime's death; quite the contradiction huh? Well, secrets are revealed and passions found. I'm working on fixing it up abit ^  ^
Warnings: M for mature, light humor.

:devart: More Than Just Friends
Authors: MaryJane1913 (DevArt)
Summary: .................
Warnings: ....

:devart: Sasukekun - COMPLETED
Authors: Ariii-chan (
Summary: Why is it that I don't mind what HE calls me? Romance
Warnings: none

:fav: :devart: Not a Relationship - COMPLETED
Authors: Ariii-chan (
Summary: Sasuke and Naruto are not in a relationship. They are not “together”. They are not dating. And they are not in love. Romance/Angst
Warnings: none

:devart: Listening To My Heart - COMPLETED
Authors: Victorina (DevArt)
Summary: .................
Warnings: ....

:devart: Forbidden Love
Author: deeply-sad (DevArt)
Summary: Sasuke finds out that he is gay and that he is in love with Naruto. And along the way of finding out his sexual oriantaion he becomes a little bit close to Naruto and his brother. Also to Sakura as well.
Warnings: Some xxx rated scenes in a few of the chapters.

:devart: I Wish
Author: Unelore (
Summary: Sasuke have return to Konoha after killing Orochimaru, Kabuto and finally Itachi. But the reason he came back, didn’t really take Sasuke's return the way the raven had hoped.
Warnings: -

:devart: The Best Christmas Present - COMPLETED
Author: stary202 (DevArt)
Summary: Naruto doesn't know what to get Sasuke and Sasuke doesn't know what to get Naruto. With Christmas here, who do they have left to ask but Hikari, Their Yaoi fan-crazed friend. Can they really trust her to pick something that's not perverted? I think not.
Warnings: I guess the only warning is that there is some implied sex at the end.

:devart: My Boyfriend’s Friend | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Author: stary202 (DevArt)
Summary: Naruto hasn't been paying much attention to Sasuke lately, and Sasuke is fed up with it. But when he finds out why Naruto hasn't been paying attention to him, it's a little more than the Uchiha bargened for.
Warnings: Original Female Character/Naruto pairing, Mature Content.

:devart: A Belated Valentine Special
Author: stary202 (DevArt)
Summary: Sasuke keeps obsessing about Naruto after a wet dream he had starring the blond, that he doesn't even know why he had. Naruto is clueless to this, for he is focussing on one major thing - giving Sasuke his Valentine's Day present.
Warnings: Mature Content.

:devart: Anything Can Happen...Right?? | 2
Author: stary202 (DevArt)
Summary: Sasuke and Naruto are both unsure about their feelings for each other, and Kakashi may have just the right plan to get the two to realize them.
Warnings: Some Sakura bashing.

:devart: Online Chat | 2 | 3
Author: stary202 (DevArt)
Summary: Title says it all. An online chat with Sasuke, Naruto, some of my firends, and me.
Warnings: -

:devart: Dance of The Stars | 2 | 3 | 4
Author: stary202 (DevArt)
Summary: Sasuke wants nothing more than to ask Naruto to the dance. But that posts a challenge when he finds out that he's not the only one who wants to take Naruto.
Warnings: -

:devart: The Play - COMPLETED
Author: stary202 (DevArt)
Summary: Crossdressing, yaoi/shonen- ai, and stars, Naruto and Sasuke. What more could you ask for. Well, how about throwing in some crazed yaoi fan-girls? Now that's what I call a play. PS- I'm the Narorrator and a character in this story.
Warnings: Mature Conent.

:devart: SasuNaruGaara- Muffin Story | 2 |3 | 4
Author: stary202 (DevArt)
Summary: This is a story about what happened when I invited Sasuke, Naruto, and Gaara over to my house for some muffins. Not to mention, my good friend Sakura too.
Warnings: -

:devart: An Uchiha can do Anything
Author: stary202 (DevArt)
Summary: Kiba thinks Uchiha's can't do everything, and decides to make a bet with Sasuke. It just happens to involve a certain blond ninja, and what's on the blond's mind? Well, you'll have to read to find out.
Warnings: Mature Content/lemon/smut.

:bulletred: KYUUBI X SASUKE

Author: Asuka Kureru (MediaMiner)
Summary: Belongs in the Teamwork universe: The gang meets Kyuubi. Kyuubi is bored. Thank god Sasuke is here to distract him.
Warnings: NC-17, KyuuSasu lemon, humor.

:bulletgreen: ITACHI X SASUKE

Author: Kata-chan (Site archive)
Summary: Sasuke has a reason for living: to kill his big brother Itachi and avenge the death of his parents. But can he do it when he's finally put face to face with Itachi after five years of hate, disappointment and anger? warned, this is extremely violent and rather graphic. And PWP. Whee.
Warnings: Graphic non-consensual sex, bondage, sadism, violence, incest and lots of blood. If you like your fics with a plot, go away. This is just a kinky sexfest.

Late Summer - COMPLETED
Author: Amayako (Zettai-Hentai Site archive)
Summary:  My first ItaSasu fic. Don't bother flaming me- either ItachixSasuke sounds good or it doesn't.
Warnings: NC-17, M/M, incest, non-con.

Hate Stains - COMPLETED
Author: Amayako (Zettai-Hentai Site archive)
Summary:   Sequel to "Late Summer". Sakura gets to watch.
Warnings: NC-17, M/M, incest, non-con.

Outer Demons - COMPLETED
Author: Amayako (Zettai-Hentai Site archive)
Summary:  Sequel to "Hate Stains". More ItaSasu. This one is extremely violent, so please consider that before reading.
Warnings: NC-17, M/M, incest, non-con.

Oblivion - COMPLETED
Author: Amayako (Zettai-Hentai Site archive)
Summary:   Sequel to "Outer Demons". More ItaSasu. Sort of consensual. Sort of confusing. Kakashi gets to watch?
Warnings: NC-17, M/M, incest, non-con.

:devart: Lost Hope - COMPLETED
Author: over-the-rainbow (DeviantArt)
Summary: No one really expected it. Everybody thought that his life goal would distract him from depression, but no one really knew how deep Uchiha Sasuke fell down.
Warnings: incest, yaoi.

Author: Smoothers (
Summary: Simple little challenge fic. Sasuke thinks, and Itachi gets a hug. Sprinkles of Uchihacest.
Warnings: Language.

Life of an Uchiha
Author: Gazette (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: Inside story on Uchiha Sasuke, a famous Jrocker, and Uchiha Itachi, the son of a CEO.
Warnings: Yaoi, AU, incest, etc.

:devart: The True Reason
Author: petite-neko
Summary: -
Warnings: Incest, Fluffy shounen-ai slow moving story-line

:new: :devart: Tomato of Love - COMPLETED
Author: SasuIsGay (DevArt)
Summary: Sasu want to eat more tomatoes and Itachi didn't let him.... What will Sasuke do so he can eat more tomato? Will he agree to Itachi's idea?
Warnings: Lemon, yaoi.

:new: :devart: I Will Follow Him - COMPLETED
Author: SasuIsGay (DevArt)
Summary: My first song fic based on I Will Follow Him by Sister Act. Sasuke always follow Itachi.... And Itachi always give different reply to Sasuke about the follow thingy.

:new: :devart: Strange Sounds From His Room - COMPLETED
Author: SasuIsGay (DevArt)
Summary: Uchiha Mikoto wanted to go to the kitchen when she heard strange sounds from Itachi's bedroom. Could it be that her sons ....
Warnings: None.

:bulletpurple: OROCHIMARU X SASUKE

A Kind of Exchange - COMPLETED
Author: Potemkin (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: Sasuke’s sexual initiation into Orochimaru’s circle. Poor, poor Sasuke. Sasuke ran away to seek instruction from the legendary Sannin and he’s about to find out what it means to serve him.
Warnings: PWP,Yaoi,Slash,Minor,Anal,Lemon,Oral.

:devart: When in Rome...
Author: Psylocke83 (Adult FanFiction)
Summary: Orochimaru demands to have one of the Uchiha brothers in order to continue the alliance with the Uchiha's in the war... Pretty much a PWP. :P
Warnings: AU, Angst, Shouta, Exhibition.

:bulletred: NEJI X SASUKE

Red and Grey - COMPLETED
Author: Taes (
Summary: Neji knows that Sasuke is being abused, but what will he do about it?
Warnings: Overt child abuse, incest, AU.
Other Pairings: ItaSasu hints

:bulletgreen: THREESOMES

Author: Asuka Kureru (MediaMiner)
Pairings: NaruSaku, NaruSasuSaku
Summary:NaruSasuSaku(Teamwork universe) Did you ever wonder what happened that night just before Teamwork proper starts?
Warnings: BISEXUAL lemon, M/M/F to be precise. I've been told it's also very, I quote, "porny". :3

Girls Have Needs Too - COMPLETED
Author: Asuka Kureru (MediaMiner)
Pairings: NaruSasuSaku
Summary: "Don't you guys ever wish for someone to make out with? No courtship, no strings attached..." Team7 lovin', humor, implied naughtiness.
Warnings: -

:bulletred: ORGIES
(4 or more participants ^.^)


(Fics with no main pairing but including Sasuke having sex with over 2 different characters)

:devart: Cursed
Author: Psylocke83 (Adult FanFiction)
Summary:The cursed seal by Orochimaru works a little...differently.
Warnings: Angst, PWP, Yaoi, M/M/M, Incest, Shouta, Non-con.
Pairings: EVERYONE/Sasuke.

Let others know what you think of the fics posted by writing a comment below! :)
Don't forget to send the author feedback by reviewing their fics! (Don't do it here, though. They're most unlikely to read them here ;p )
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Looking for 'The 13Th hour " Naruto Fanfic by Aekwiel?
Hi, I've been searching for about a few years now hoping to find some trace of it, but to no avail. It's probably bothersome to ask you guys, not mentioning the hoards of people who I've asked before you as well, but if anyone still have the story saved somewhere sent it to me.NaruSasu story that has Naruto living in a haunted castle,Sasuke as a vampire and they both fall in love for one another.If possiple her or his chapters.Please someone,anybody contact me or post a comment on where i can find it.I'm like a dog with a bone i don't care if its not perfect or has a few miss spelled words.I've heard only wonderful comments.I have not read this story only heard about it from reviewers but i have to read it.Please please please (holds hands in prier and blesses you) .P.S.Thanks for reading this.
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She never finished it... She disappeared for a few years then came back and wrote like 3 more chapters...then she went away again and I haven't checked for updates since.

So if she never finished it there's not much we can do.... maybe wait for a few more years or so in case she comes back? :XD:

I've found another author that had taken it upon herself to finish it... but in my opinion it's not particularly good. It lacks the humour that OO83 had, and when the new author immediately went to the cliché storyline of Naruto & Sasuke having to team up for an assignment, I left as quickly as i could. and it was like in the first chapter, so no idea if it got better later. search on if you're still interested in reading it.
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umm.. i was just wondering if u could find another side for 'Don't Ask Me How I've Been' the original site is not working
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The author abandoned the story and removed it from FF as well as any other site it might have been on.
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